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Responsible for dyeing waterfall blue during revelation tea in MT is fined

The person responsible for dyeing the water of the Queima-pé waterfall, in Tangará da Serra (MT), during a revelation tea, was fined R$ 10,000 by the Secretary of State for the Environment. The accused, whose identity was not revealed, provided clarification on Thursday (29).

The fined person would have told representatives of the secretariat that the substance applied is used as a dye for dyeing waterfalls and swimming pools and is called “Blue Lake”.

The action was framed in article 62 of federal decree 6514/2008, which defines as an environmental infraction “to throw solid, liquid or gaseous waste or debris, oils or oily substances in disagreement with the requirements established in laws or normative acts”.

the case

The waters were colored during a revelation tea last Sunday (25). This type of event is organized for a couple to find out the sex of the baby they are expecting. The blue color indicated that the parents will have a boy.

The images of the event reverberated on social networks and raised suspicions about the possibility of contamination and damage to the local fauna and flora. The municipal secretary of the Environment of Tangará da Serra, Vinicius Lançone, told CNN that the case was reported to the city hall through several channels.


Water samples were analyzed after agents from the state secretariat visited the site along with representatives from the city hall on Monday (26). According to the folder, during the visit, there was no visual change in the physical parameters of the water, such as color and odor, and there were no deaths of animals. The laboratory analysis of the water showed no change in quality.

By phone, the baby’s father, who appears in the footage, said that the event was a surprise to the couple, who did not know any details about the organization and repudiated the negative repercussions directed at him and the pregnant woman.

The waterfall that appears in the images is on private property. THE CNN contacted the company that owns the land, but got no response.

Source: CNN Brasil

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