Restaurants in the white zone: no limits outdoors, six indoors at the table

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In the end, a compromise was reached. The regions proposed 8 people at the table indoors instead of 4 as per ministerial indication in the white zone. There must be 6 people at the table inside the restaurants and there should be no restrictions outdoors. The new rule is valid in the white areas, while in the yellow areas the rule of four people not living at the same table remains valid.

The Minister of Health Speranza was against removing the limitations, but his deputies were also inclined to greater openness as head of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini. The Regions insisted on reopening.

As has always been the numbers increase if one is faced with families. Cohabitants do not count for the distancing. It means that two households can exceed this number and even eat together.

The president of the conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, president of Friuli Venezia Giulia would also have proposed the abolition of outdoor limits also for the yellow areas. However, the limitations should be short-lived for the yellow regions as from 21 June or at the end of the month at the latest, all of Italy should be white. The objective of the regions is to drop further restrictions also for the white areas when all of Italy will be in a safe zone and the vaccination campaign will be further advanced. Already on 7 June the curfew moves at midnight and is expected to be eliminated from Monday 21.

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