Restrictions in Poland Extended: Fears of an increase in Easter cases

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Extends restrictions until mid-April 18 to prevent the pandemic from spreading Poland. The announcement was made on Wednesday (7/4) by the Minister of Health, emphasizing that the country is struggling to deal with a third wave of infections, for which the authorities express fears that it may worsen due to the coloration during Easter.

The Polish health service has reached its limits due to the increase in cases Covid-19. In some areas, mechanical respiratory aids are running low and the government has imposed stricter restrictions on daily activities across the country in a bid to curb the spread of the disease.

«We have a difficult situation in the hospitals – yesterday more than 34,500 beds were occupied and more than 3,300 respirators were used. “These levels, which are close to 80%, are dangerous,” Health Minister Adam Nidzilski told a news conference, according to the Athens News Agency.

«We have decided that the current restrictions will be extended for a period of more than a week ασφαλείας The safety regulations will be valid until April 18He added.

Nidzilski said the effects of the increase in mobility over the Catholic Easter weekend would be evident in next week’s statistics and that an increase in the number of cases was possible.

Kindergartens, malls, hotels, cinemas and theaters will remain closed as part of the restrictions.

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