Rethymno: Rural road construction projects amounting to 3.73 million euros in the Rural Development Program

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Rural road construction projects, totaling 3,730,000 euros, were included in the Rural Development Program for the PE of Rethymno, with the total intervention for the current period exceeding 12 million euros.

The specific projects ensure, according to the municipal authorities, the best possible accessibility to agricultural and livestock holdings throughout the year, the faster access of agricultural machinery, the reduction of the cost of transporting products, data which contribute the most in the creation of new dynamics of crops and livestock products in the region. The projects concern the municipalities:

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– Rethymno: Improvement of access to agricultural land and livestock holdings of TK Archaia Eleftherna street-500,000 euros.

– Mylopotamos: Rural road Skepasti to the beach – 230,000 euros.

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– Agios Vassiliou: Improving the passability of municipal roads – 500,000 euros.

– Amario: Improving the passability of an agricultural road within the communities of Apodoulou and Nithauri – 1,000,000 euros.

– Anogeion: Improving the accessibility of rural roads and rehabilitation of municipal roads (three projects) – 1,500,000 euros.

This is a substantial effort to plan, finance and put on track for the implementation of important rural road construction projects, an effort which was strengthened and contributed to by the Deputy Minister Giorgos Stylios and the Secretary General of Union Resources & Infrastructure of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food Dimitris Papagiannidis.

According to the mayor of Amariou Pantelis Mourtzanos, this is a particularly positive development, as in combination with the secured funding for the improvement of the passability and the asphalting of the section Sata-Rizikas-provincial road Apodoulou-Agy. Galinis, paves the way for a comprehensive intervention. As he said, in the wider area of ​​the settlements of Vathiakou, Sata and Rizika, with the completion of the projects, easy and safe access to agricultural holdings is expected to be definitively ensured, thereby offering multiple benefits to the development of the primary sector in the area.

The government, the prime minister and the leadership of the HYPAAT are moving forward with an integrated plan to support the primary sector, said Rethymno MP Yiannis Kefalogiannis, who was informed about the funding by the Minister of Rural Development and Food Giorgos Georgantas. He pointed out at the same time that these are interventions that deal with the problems in the agricultural and livestock areas of Crete and are among the immediate priorities of the government. “Beyond the series of interventions to support producers’ income (return of tax return, new farmers, organic, measures to support production costs) the creation of appropriate infrastructure is also of particular importance to support real production,” he noted.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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