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Return of Dom João VI to Portugal: the kick to Brazilian Independence

Return of Dom João VI to Portugal: the kick to Brazilian Independence

Pressed to return to Portugal along with almost the entire court, King Dom João VI left the Brazil in the hands of his son, the Prince Regent Dom Pedro I .

It was the year 1821. Even without wanting to, the King paved the way for the Independence of Brazil. The prerogative was that the young prince defend the interests of the crown in the face of any enemy.

In 1808, the Portuguese royal family disembarked, as someone who arrives from moving to Brazil. That’s because Portugal was about to be invaded by the French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

Supported by England, France’s rival, this was Dom João VI’s strategy to ensure Portuguese sovereignty: to come to his overseas colony and protect the life of the royal family.

During the 13 years that Dom João VI stayed in Rio de Janeiro, the Portuguese people, there in Portugal, faced hunger and suffering.

The Portuguese lost half a million inhabitants, victims of misery and battles, in addition to those who left Portugal in search of better conditions in other countries.

Frequent revolts demanded the king’s return to Lisbon. The Liberal Revolution in Porto, in 1820, was decisive.

Thus, threatened with losing the Portuguese throne, Dom João VI returned to Lisbon in April 1821.

Two days before embarking, the king said to the prince regent: “Pedro, if Brazil separates, it should be for you, who will respect me, rather than for any of these adventurers.”

Prophetic words that 1822 would confirm.

Source: CNN Brasil