Revelations about the former Gestapo commander who spied on the Soviet Union for the sake of the West

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He was one of those responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews during the dark years of World War II, and was a close associate of the famous Adolf Eichmann. However, despite playing a very dirty role at the time, post-war θηκε used to do “secret work”.

Today’s publication of the Austrian newspaper Der Standard makes new revelations about the role and post-war “career” in the German Federal Intelligence Service of Franz Josef Huber, its head Gestapo in Vienna, between 1938 and 1945, general of the infamous SS extermination battalions.

After its attachment Austria In March 1938 in the Third Reich, Huber was sent with Eichmann to Vienna, where he became director of the state secret police.

As head of the “Jewish Immigration Headquarters” set up by Eichmann, was responsible for the “mass transfer of the Jewish population of Vienna” to the Nazi concentration camps, as reported by the famous Austrian historian, Thomas Mang.

The Austrian historian is referred to by the First Program of the German public radio and television ARD, which together with the American newspaper New York Times proceeded with the relevant research and the new revelations about the post-war “career” of Huber.

According to Der Standard and as broadcast by APE-MPE, immediately after World War II, Huber worked for the intelligence services of USA, according to the New York Times, which, citing CIA documents, refers to the US intelligence service at the time, especially to the Huber network during the war, in order to recruit agents against the Soviet Union.

That was the reason why the American authorities then blocked the extradition of Huber to Austria, where he would be tried as a war criminal for the extermination of tens of thousands of Jews.

At the same time, from the recent evaluation of unknown documents from the archives of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) of Germany It turns out that Franz Josef Huber worked for BND and its predecessor organization from 1955 until his retirement in 1967.

According to current research, The Federal Intelligence Service had recruited Huber in December 1955, although he was aware of his Nazi past.

In fact, the German service was obviously spreading falsehood that Huber was working as a “small clerk” in his hometown of Munich, while he was actually working for the BND.

Until his death in 1975, Huber was able to live undisturbed by his real name in the Bavarian city, and so was one of Eichmann’s accomplices who eventually “left” without ever paying for his crimes.

Adolf Eichmann himself, one of the central architects of the Holocaust, was spotted by Israeli agents in post-war Argentina, where he was flown to Israel, where he was tried as a war criminal in a trial that began 60 years ago. on April 11, 1961, in Jerusalem.

The war criminal, the right hand man of Adolf Hitler, was sentenced to death and hanged in the Ramla prison in Tel Aviv on June 1, 1962.

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