Reviews on Google Play will be published after 24 hours due to review bombing

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Reviews on Google Play are the main indicator of how useful an application or game has been for the user, but not all of them are true. Sometimes users leave negative comments and give low ratings just to ruin the developer’s reputation. Someone encounters a problem, rates 1, and writes an angry review, but forgets (or is unwilling) to change their rating when their issue is resolved by the developer. To combat these kinds of issues, Google will publish reviews after a 24-hour delay. This will allow application developers to quickly respond to user complaints, and give the service algorithms time to moderate.

The new company policy is as simple as it gets. For the first 24 hours, user reviews will remain hidden to others, but visible to developers. This way, they will be able to address potential issues that users are experiencing even before the review is published. It will also allow Google’s algorithms to more effectively identify suspicious posts and detect when groups of people leave negative comments en masse. Purchased reviews can also be included here.

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The 24-hour rule can also reduce the severity of discussions. When reviews are posted with a delay, there is no momentum at all, and new reviews do not appear as often.

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