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Revolut 8.33

Revol Is your reliable assistant for managing your financial affairs. Instant registration will allow you not to waste time and start managing your finances right away.

The Revolut app helps you control your daily expenses, send money abroad, exchange currency and even buy travel insurance. You will also have the opportunity to buy goods and cryptocurrency. Simple tools are straightforward to use, which will help you avoid many problems and understand budgeting.

Features of Revolut app:

  • Instant expense notifications.
  • Instant mobile account creation.
  • Convenient control over expenses, competent money management.
  • Ability to set monthly spending budgets.
  • Transfers abroad in more than 150 currencies at the real exchange rate.
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrency with one click.
  • Security at a high level, as well as the ability to instantly freeze the card in case of loss.

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