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Riachuelo security guard arrested for racism after accusing black client of theft

A security guard at a Riachuelo store, at Shoping Riomar in Recife, Pernambuco, was arrested for racism on September 6 after accusing a black customer of stealing socks from the unit. The victim called the police shortly after the incident.

The man was arrested in the act and, after a custody hearing, was released to respond to the process in freedom.

Kleber Freire’s lawyer said that the victim, Irenildo Florêncio, went to the store to buy socks. Upon leaving the establishment, he was approached by the store security guard, who demanded that Irenildo lift his shirt and empty his pockets. The lawyer says that the client felt embarrassed by the action.

Irenildo’s report says that he had noticed the security guard following him inside the store since he arrived at the unit, so after the approach he decided to call the police who took the suspect to the Boa Viagem police station.

The lawyer states that in addition to the lawsuit filed against the security guard, he and his client also filed a lawsuit against Riachuelo and Shopping Riomar, the location of the incident. The victim also made a formal complaint to the shopping center’s SAC on September 12th.

In a note sent to CNN Riachuelo stated that it repudiates any and all discriminatory acts and reinforced that it provided support to the case and is available to the competent authorities.

Shopping Riomar also stated in a statement that it was aware of the complaint involving a customer and an employee of one of the stores, but that the mall was not involved, as those involved called the authorities. They highlighted that they remain available to help clarify the episode.

A CNN contacted the accused’s defense lawyer, who said he would not comment on the case. The report leaves open space for defense statements.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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