Ricardo Baronovsky: Bolsonaro’s conduct with exemption seeking full employment

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In this Friday (12) Freedom of Opinion, commentator Ricardo Baronovsky assessed President Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to extend for another two years the exemption from the payroll of companies in 17 sectors.

“There are two principles that guide the president’s conduct: First, the pursuit of full employment and, second, encourage free enterprise. When it relieves the payroll, reducing the payroll to 20%, and bringing a fixed rate on gross income from 1% to 4.5%, it alleviates the very high burden that the entrepreneur suffers from – this is a reflection of the post-pandemic ”, explained the commentator.

“So, the president’s conduct is in line with the Constitution, in line with generating and preserving 6 million jobs. You cannot demonize the entrepreneur, you have to give clues, you have to favor resources and nothing else [Bolsonaro] did what to withdraw constitutional support from this measure, which is supported by Title VII of the Constitution.”

“When we talk about exemption, basically we have an incentive policy to try to reduce bureaucracy a little, reduce taxation a little and, unfortunately, it is not easy to be a businessman in the country. You have a lot of bureaucracy, you have a very large tax complex and you have an inherent difficulty in working and having that success, that talent that is required for the private sector.”

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Fernando Molica and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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