Ricardo Baronovsky: Entrance exam is governed by the principle of impersonality

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In this Tuesday (16) Freedom of Opinion, commentator Ricardo Baronovsky evaluated the speech of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) about the National High School Exam (Enem). In a statement on Monday (15) about the crisis at Inep, Bolsonaro is said to have said that the test “is now beginning to have the face of the government”.

“Whatever the selection process, whatever the entrance exam, the competition test, it is governed by the principle of impersonality. I’m not talking about that government, I’m not talking about the previous government. We have to keep in mind that whatever the government, it is temporary, it is temporary. What remains is education.”

“There is no face on this test. I don’t care who made the contest. I’m not interested in who took the National Exam, what interests me is whether it is faithful to what is found in the manuals. The proof must be objective, technical, neutral, it must not have any ideological charge.”

“I’m not interested in the examiner’s idiosyncrasies or opinions, even because I would be violating the rules of the game. What should I study? The book or the examiner’s head? So can you imagine these young people, in their late teens, aged 17 or 18, taking an exam without any legal certainty? Whether in the past or in the current government, the preparation of the test, as well as its correction, must be guided by impersonal criteria.”

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Thiago Anastácio and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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