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Richard Teng: Binance is ready to cooperate with world politicians

New CEO of Binance exchange Richard Teng stated that he is ready for fruitful cooperation with world politicians. According to him, this is necessary to create a consistent global regulatory framework in the field of crypto assets.

“Over the past two years, we have systematically worked to address past compliance issues through significant efforts to recruit, hire and retain the right talent to strengthen our compliance program and culture,” Teng said in the note.

According to the new CEO of the exchange, crypto market participants should pay more attention to cooperation with the authorities. This is necessary to create a single, coherent regulatory framework that will promote innovation while protecting investors, Teng said.

In addition, in his address, the new head of the company paid special attention to platform users. He promised to do everything possible to ensure that they remain Binance’s top priority.

Teng also once again emphasized the fact that user assets on the site are secured 1:1. He already mentioned this earlier, noting that the exchange will be able to pay off the huge fine of $4.3 billion without selling crypto assets.

“As we enter the next phase of responsible growth for Binance, I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with global policymakers. This is necessary to ensure crypto investors have confidence in the future of the industry and attract and retain the next billion users.”

Source: Cryptocurrency

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