Ricko Schwartz presents Prometeo: a journey into the roots of self-discovery

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It is a fire that burns and strums what it is Ricko Schwartz tells in Prometheus, his new Ep out for Big Fish and Jake La Furia’s Yalla Movement, a journey to discover one’s roots to rediscover himself, challenging the impulses and instincts that risk clouding his lucidity. A journey that goes beyond passion and that seems to take on the contours of a burning fire that Ricko, like Prometheus, would like to steal from the gods of today to bring to Earth, for the use and consumption of all.

Putting himself in the shoes of a modern mythological hero, Ricko embarks on an imaginative adventure wandering in the places of his memory and his heart, igniting memories and
constantly challenging them. In the lyrics, he mixes the references of his personal passions – streetwear above all – with the deepest quotations, in a continuous mixture that expresses the fullness of his artistic maturity, extended in the round. Graphically, the Ep, available from 12 November and consisting of 5 tracks, is supported by the work of FIRM, Milanese digital studio, which he put in
is practicing a particular video morphing technique for the first time.

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«We wanted to create a new natural landscape, intimate but at the same time destabilizing; a real but non-existent landscape, like an invisible city. We decided to collect themed naturalistic images with the various singles and with the cover itself of Prometheus. Once the images were found, we processed them to create a video morph. The idea was to let the computer do the work “as it pleased” with our directives », say Francesco Bocchini and Valeria Accurso of FIRM, enriching a job that will not leave Ricko’s fans disappointed. The same ones who follow him from the success of Hype e Angels.


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