Rio de Janeiro vaccinates first child in an indigenous village of Maricá

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Rio de Janeiro had the first child vaccinated against Covid-19 on the night of this Friday (14). To the applause of the entire tribe, Sofia da Silva (Yva Mirim), from the Guarani ethnic group, received the Pfizer vaccine in her village, Mata Verde Bonita (Tekoa Ka’Aguy Ovy Porã), located in the neighborhood of São José do Imbassaí, in Maricá, in the metropolitan region of the state.

“Today we started vaccinating indigenous children in the village where we have more than 40 families and where there have been cases of contaminated children throughout the pandemic. We need to protect this most vulnerable population. And, then, we will vaccinate children with disabilities and with comorbidities, until reaching the entire expected child audience”, highlighted the municipal secretary of Health, Solange Oliveira.

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The arrival of the nursing technicians with the first doses of the vaccine in the tribe was greeted by the indigenous people with songs of gratitude. The village leader, Cacique Jurema, encouraged parents to vaccinate their children to protect the entire tribe.

“As soon as the Health Department called me saying that we would be the first village to receive the vaccination of children, it was a great joy. I encourage our indigenous relatives because the vaccine is for our safety and that of our children”, he highlighted.

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The forecast is that all indigenous children of Maricá will be vaccinated this Saturday (15), when the doses will also reach the village of Sítio do Céu, in Itaipuaçu, a district of the city. On the same day, the municipality will also continue to immunize children from 5 to 11 years old, with priority for cases of comorbidities or permanent disability.

After vaccinating priority groups, 11-year-olds will begin to be immunized. The forecast is that the application to children will start from the next 24th. The calendar will follow by age group. The city of Maricá points out that the schedule will follow according to the availability of doses, delivered by the Ministry of Health.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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