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Rio Grande do Sul has a forecast of storms until Friday (24)

The rain is unlikely to let up in Rio Grande do Sul. According to Climatempo, an area of ​​low pressure positioned over Paraguay is projecting storms in the state of Rio Grande do Sul this Tuesday (21).

The entry of moisture will directly influence the region, especially on the western border, where the day begins with overcast skies and the possibility of rain from the early hours of the morning.

Moderate to heavy rain showers are expected, accompanied by thunderstorms and winds that can reach up to 70 km/h. On the other hand, in the capital Porto Alegre, Tuesday promises to be sunny, with chances of rain restricted to the night period. For areas located to the north and in the Serra Gaucha, there is no rain forecast.

From Wednesday (22), the low pressure area over Rio Grande do Sul will become a cold front, whose movement towards the Southeast maintains instability in the south of the country.

With this scenario, the risk of flooding, flooding and landslides increases, especially in municipalities such as Bagé, Uruguaiana and Pelotas, which can receive rain throughout the day.

Only on Saturday (25), a decrease in the intensity and scope of rain is expected, with rapid and irregular showers predicted only on the coastal strip, while in other areas the sun returns.

Rain deaths

The number of people killed as a result of the rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul over the last two weeks rose to 157. According to a Civil Defense report released early this Monday evening (20), the state still has 85 people missing and 806 injured.

In total, 2,339,508 people were affected. They are distributed across 464 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. According to Civil Defense, 581,633 individuals are homeless and 75,188 have gone to shelters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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