Rio Justice accepts complaint against accused of killing police expert

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The Justice of Rio de Janeiro received this Thursday (19) the complaint from the State Public Ministry in the criminal action against Sergeants Manoel Vitor Silva Soares and Bruno Santos de Lima, Corporal Daris Fidelis Motta – all of the Navy – and the father of the Sergeant Bruno, Lourival Ferreira de Lima.

The four are accused of the death of Civil Police expert Renato Couto de Mendonça, shot dead on the 13th of this month, inside the junkyard operated by Lourival and Bruno, father and son, on Avenida Radial Oeste, in Praça da Bandeira, north of Rio de Janeiro. The complaint was received by Judge Alexandre Abrahão, of the 3rd Criminal Court of the Capital.

Bruno was head of the Transport Service of the 1st Naval District and went to the place using an official Navy car, accompanied by the other two soldiers.

According to the complaint, “the crime was committed for a clumsy motive, carried out out of revenge because the victim threatened to close the scrap yard operated by the defendants Bruno and Lourival, if he was not compensated for the goods taken from his property and which would have been received by the iron ore. old”. The murder was also committed by asphyxiation, as the victim was thrown into the Guandu River by the accused Bruno, Daris and Manoel, after being shot twice by Bruno and placed in the Navy car, then thrown into the river still alive. Halfway through, the expert papiloscopist even begged him to be taken to the hospital and that he was a civil police officer.” The four accused confessed to the crime when they were arrested by the Civil Police.

According to Judge Alexandre Abrahão, “the materiality of the crime was proven by the on-site examination report and other evidence collected so far. It also includes the qualification of the accused and the precise typification of the crimes charged. There is, therefore, just cause for the admission of the accusation. For these reasons, I receive the complaint “, wrote the magistrate.

The judge also maintained the preventive detention of the accused, converted at the time of the custody hearing. “The arrest in flagrante was converted into preventive detention by the Custody Court. I emphasize, in this tune, that nothing new exists to motivate the modification, which I maintain for its real and legal foundations. Prison, as stated there, is necessary in view of the concrete perspective of injury to the guarantee of public order, especially with the witnesses who will be heard in the future in the present procedural relationship. Thus, we can see here the danger generated by the state of freedom of the accused”, wrote the magistrate in another passage.

Source: CNN Brasil

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