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Rio PM recovers weapons that were stolen from the National Force

The Rio Military Police carried out, on the afternoon of this Tuesday (28), an emergency operation in Complexo do Chapadão, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, to locate and recover weapons that were stolen from a police team from the National Security Force. Public.

Men who belong to the Alagoas and Acre police and are part of the National Force followed directions from a navigation app, entered the community and were approached by drug traffickers. The criminals stole two 9mm pistols, magazines and ammunition from the agents.

The police were called and upon arriving at the scene, the police exchanged shots with the drug dealers. There is no information about injuries or detainees in the operation. After searching the region, military police officers found the stolen weapons abandoned on land close to where the robbery had allegedly taken place.

National Force in Rio

National Force agents have been operating in Rio since the beginning of October, as determined by the Ministry of Justice. In total, 300 men and women are operating in federal areas to prevent weapons and drugs from entering the state.

The operation by the Ministry of Justice was authorized after a request for support from Governor Cláudio Castro (PL), amid the escalation of violence in the state.

In addition to the presence of the National Force, Rio de Janeiro also has a Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) operation by the Armed Forces.
The decree signed by President Lula in November provides that the GLO will remain in force until May 2024. During this period, the Armed Forces will act in coordination with bodies such as the Federal Police, the Federal Highway Police and the National Force.

Source: CNN Brasil

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