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Rio police conduct anti-money laundering operation in five states

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro is serving 26 arrest warrants in five states this Tuesday (9) against members of a criminal faction that laundered money from drug trafficking.

The action is part of the second phase of “Operation Rota do Rio” and aims to dismantle one of the main organizations involved in drug trafficking and money laundering in capital cities.

The warrants are being served in the states of Amazonas, Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo, as well as Rio de Janeiro, and are receiving support from agents from these locations. So far, six people have been arrested.

In addition to arrests, the Police also execute warrants to seize assets and possible values ​​related to those under investigation as a way of financially weaken the criminal organization.

A “Operation Rota do Rio” occurs as a result of investigations related to bank transactions carried out between 2017 and 2022. During the period, transfers of suspicious amounts revealed a criminal structure that laundered money from drug trafficking.

According to investigations, members of the faction, under a division of tasks, made bank deposits into accounts of legal entities to hide the illicit origin of the funds. The bank accounts belonged to people located mainly in border regions of Amazonas.

*Under supervision of Carolina Figueiredo

Source: CNN Brasil

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