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Rio Police investigate alleged poisoning of dogs in Barra da Tijuca

The alleged poisoning of around 40 dogs in the west zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro is being investigated, according to the president of the Chamber of Councilors, Carlo Caiado (PSD).

The suspicion is that someone may have spread poison in the flowerbeds in the Jardim Oceânico region, in Barra da Tijuca.

“I hope it wasn’t malicious, but if it was, it’s something brutal, people put poison on the dogs, on the animals. We have already had 40 animals that have been contaminated”, stated Caiado, in a video posted on his social networks.

According to the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca), to date, two people have registered at the unit. The Civil Police emphasizes the importance of victims registering incidents, in order to help solve cases.

The municipal cleaning company Comlurb carried out, this Saturday (8), cleaning the sidewalks and flowerbeds in the region with soap and water to try to remove possible chemicals in these places in order to avoid new contamination.

The president of the Chamber’s Animal Rights Committee, Luiz Ramos Filho (PSD), stated that poisonings have been recorded since the beginning of May and that at least six dogs have already died.

“It is not one or the other isolated case. There are reports of crimes like these every single day”, wrote the parliamentarian on his social networks.

“It is not yet known whether the dogs are eating the poison used to kill rats in the condominiums or whether someone is actually evil. Either way, it’s absurd,” he said in the publication.

Among the victims of the poisoning are actor Cauã Raymond’s two dogs. On his Instagram profile, the actor stated that his dog Shakira remains hospitalized after being poisoned.

“She is recovering, still hospitalized, so let’s think positively so she can get out of this,” he said.

*With information from Agência Brasil and Fernanda Pereira Neves, Guilherme Gama and Thomaz Coelho, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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