Home Politics Rio police investigate model who ran over teenager for alleged rapes

Rio police investigate model who ran over teenager for alleged rapes

Rio police investigate model who ran over teenager for alleged rapes

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro reported that it is investigating the model Bruno Krupp for at least two suspected rapes. The young man is in preventive custody for having run over a 16-year-old teenager last Saturday (30). The victim died. Traffic monitoring cameras caught the model driving a motorcycle at high speed.

After the accident involving the model, more than 40 women reported on social networks that they had been sexually abused by him. So far, two alleged victims have registered the cases in police stations, according to the Civil Police.

In addition to the investigations against the model, the General Department of Police for Assistance to Women (DGPAM) ordered the opening of an investigation to investigate the conduct of a civil police officer who would have refused to file a report for rape against Krupp.

The first recorded case was less than a month ago. THE CNN had access to the police report in which a woman reports that she asked the model not to initiate the sexual act and that Krupp would have ignored it. The model has not yet been heard about the case.

By phone, his lawyer, Willian Pena, informed that Krupp went to the police station to be heard, but the system was down and a new deposition was scheduled.

The defender also said that the alleged victim withdrew the complaint against Bruno the day after the registration. In a note, the young woman’s lawyer confirmed to the CNN that she tried to withdraw the complaint, but that she “decided to proceed with the representation and that at no time did she deny the violence suffered.”

The other suspect of rape and, also, under investigation, was denounced by a model who came to publish the abuse suffered on her social network. According to the Civil Police, she registered the incident report last Wednesday (3).

The woman reports having been abused in the model’s home six years ago. In her social network, the young woman says that she did not report it before because of fear and that she only changed her mind because she learned from the press that there was another complaint against Krupp.

After the model’s publication, other women also reported being sexually abused by the model.

Regarding the abuse allegations, the lawyer told CNN that the complaints are “not valid and that the young women are taking advantage of the moment” to take financial advantage of Krupp.

Source: CNN Brasil



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