Rio, São Sebastião, Foz, Maceió and Fortaleza have 90% hotel occupancy

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More than a year and a half after the start of the pandemic, cities tourist Brazilian companies returned to register maximum capacity in hotels. in the state of Rio de Janeiro and in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the Associação Brasileiro de Hoteis (ABIH-RJ), recorded 95% occupancy for the Proclamation of the Republic holiday, on November 15th.

The forecast is very similar to the state of alagoas, where ABIH-AL projects 94%, with a tendency to increase. In the capital, Maceió, data from the municipal secretariat of Tourism indicate that the capacity has already reached 92%. High expectations also in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, where until this Friday (12/11), the city’s hotel chain had already reached 95% occupancy, with expectations of reaching 100%.

The index has already been beaten in the city of São Sebastião, on the north coast of São Paulo, according to the city hall. The municipality includes beaches such as Baleia, Boiçucanga, Juquehy and Maresias.

Driven by good numbers, the Viale group opened its third hotel in Foz do Iguaçu and is already planning a room for the luxury public next year. “The recovery scenario has been very strong in tourism in Foz do Iguaçu. We reached 100% occupancy in our 3 hotels on this proclamation of the republic holiday. This scenario has been very opportune for us”, says Bruno Belletti, the chain’s Operations Director.

In Rio de Janeiro, the famous Hotel Nacional, located on the edge of São Conrado beach, was one of those that reached 100% occupancy. “Occupation has been increasing from holiday to holiday. We had already beaten 90% and now we’ve reached 100%, it’s great to see the hotel full again after a long time”, says general manager Renata Beraldo.

With the last-minute trip to Rio de Janeiro and nowhere to stay, friends Vitor Miguel, who is an administrator, and Vinicius Peixoto, commercial manager, opted for a different solution.

“We even tried to rent a hotel, but most of them were sold out, so we had already made some friends when we spent New Year’s Eve [no Rio], we took the apartment of a friend who is a tour guide and then we closed a package with tour, accommodation and everything”, said Vinicius.

Agronomist Paulo Reis and her husband Renato Reis, who is a public servant, planned the trip in advance and had no problems. “Our trip had been scheduled since mid-July, then when it was in September, we decided to book hotels and airfare and then it wasn’t difficult. But our hotel is pretty full, if it’s not at 100% occupancy, it should be almost, you can see it at breakfast, when you go in and out of the hotel, you can see that well”, said Renato.

For the Brazilian Federation of Accommodation and Food (FBHA), the expectation for this holiday (15th) is a capacity above 70% in the beach capitals of the North East. In mountain towns, with a tourist tradition, with an estimated occupancy rate of 60% and upwards. The FBHA points to an upward curve since Easter. Last year, hotels had only 23% of rooms occupied.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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