Rio vaccinates 18,000 children on the 1st day and parents take a booster dose

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Parents and daughters took advantage of the first day of childhood vaccination against Covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro to update the family vaccination card. At the Museum of Tomorrow, a highlight for pediatric vaccination, the Fernandes Freitas family attended in droves.

The two sisters, Julia and Juliana, 11 years old, arrived at the vaccination room exchanging encouragement. One recorded the other at the time of receiving the immunizing agent. And, by the way, the parents took the opportunity to take the delay of the third dose.

Like them, 18,604 children were vaccinated. The account includes girls aged 11 and children aged 5 to 11 with permanent disabilities or comorbidities who went to more than 200 service stations in the city.

“They are the ones who motivate us to do everything, right?”, he told CNN lawyer Gustavo Fernandes, the girls’ father. The mother, Jana Freitas, was also vaccinated. Her biggest concern was that Julia has asthma, which increases her risk of respiratory problems from Covid-19. “[Vai ser uma noite] much calmer, so I hope everyone takes courage and comes to get vaccinated”, he declared.

Clerk Joel Souza Neves celebrated for having managed to take the booster dose side by side with his daughter Luana, also 11 years old. “Total joy, huh? Everyone is vaccinated in the family,” he said. The incentive is important, since less than 40% of the adult population of the state capital took the third dose.

On the other hand, the good adhesion on the first day of the campaign, above the expectations of the municipality, lights up an alert: it is that the city now only has less than 15 thousand doses in stock and this Tuesday (18), it will follow the calendar with 11-year-old boys and children with comorbidities and disabilities.

In a note, the Secretary of State for Health of Rio de Janeiro stated that “it received a report from the Ministry of Health about the arrival of 93,500 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 for the immunization of children aged 5 to 11 years”.

The folder also reported that the expected arrival of doses at the General Storage Coordination in Niterói is “around 8 am this Tuesday”, and cities in the metropolitan region, such as the capital can withdraw their shipments from 11 am. In the case of the city of Rio, the forecast is for another 33 thousand doses, as in the first shipment.

Vaccination of children against Covid-19 in Brazil

The city of São Paulo even had the same plan to start vaccinating 11-year-old children, but changed its mind for strategic reasons and started with children who had comorbidity and permanent disability.

Until 1 pm this Monday (17) managed to vaccinate 2795 children, less than twice as many as Rio. The capital of São Paulo has twice the pediatric population of the capital of Rio de Janeiro and began the campaign with 64,000 doses in stock.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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