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Rishi Sunak Apologizes For Tainted Blood Scandal – Talks 'Horrible Injustice'

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called today a “day of shame” following the report's findings into the scandal involving contaminated blood given to patients, which involved ministers, government officials and health workers. Transfusion of contaminated blood led to 3,000 deaths, while thousands more people contracted hepatitis or HIV. “Today is a day of shame for the British state,” Sunack said in a speech to parliament, formally apologizing “for this appalling injustice”. The Prime Minister said that on Tuesday his government would present a scheme to compensate victims of the “worst medical disaster” in the history of Britain's national health system, the NHS. “Whatever the cost of implementation, we will pay,” he assured, promising that the victims and their families “will be fully compensated.” The compensation of 100,000 pounds For twenty years, from the 1970s to the 1990s, thousands of hemophiliacs and patients who underwent […]
Source: News Beast

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