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Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party shows boost in polls after tax cut announcements

Support for the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party Rishi Sunak rose four percentage points after the announcement tax reduction and financial aid this week, the Times reported today, citing a YouGov poll.

On Wednesday, Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt announced tax reductions for workers ahead of the 2024 elections and offered permanent businesses investment incentives in a bid to get the economy up to speed.

The YouGov poll, conducted after the budget changes, showed support for the Conservatives increased to 25% from 21% a week earlier.

In any case, the Conservatives are trailing the opposition Labor Party by 19 percentage points. Only 18% of respondents said they believe that fiscal measures they will improve the situation of themselves and their families them, APE-MPE broadcasts.

The poll showed that the raising the minimum wageAnd the decisions to increase welfare benefits and pensions, according to previous announcements – instead of limiting the increases, as some expected – are popular measures with the majority of voters.

Source: News Beast

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