Rishi Sunak’s swimming pools make a lot of noise in Britain – The proposal that brought laughter in Parliament

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Its pools Sunak making… noise in Britain. British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt presented the government’s budget during his hour-long speech to Parliament on Wednesday (14/03) but caused quite a stir with a small announcement. “New funding for public pools». As soon as these words were heard, according to Reuters, there were reactions from opposition MPs.

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During his budget speech, Hunt referring to the issue of pools and their costs, made special reference to community facilities at a time when energy bills are characterized as “high”.

“When times are tough, facilities like this matter even morehe said, but his words were almost drowned out by the raucous laughter that filled Parliament at the mention of swimming pools.

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Yes, yes the intervention of the vice-president of the Parliament was necessary in order to restore order and allow Hunt to continue his speech.

Labor leader Keir Starmer said many of Hunt’s budget measures were based on ideas put forward by his party, noting: “We look forward to the Prime Minister promoting the pool policy.”

The £63m pool funding announced by Jeremy Hunt comes just days after a series of revelations about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the money he spends on the pool at his home in the north of England.

According to what the Guardian newspaper reported, Mr British prime minister installed special equipment costing tens of thousands of pounds in his home so that enough power could be produced for his heated swimming pool.

Source: News Beast

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