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Rita Lobato Velho is honored by Google; know who it was

This Friday (7), the Google Doodle pays tribute to Rita Lobato Velho the first woman to graduate and practice Medicine in Brazil.

Specializing in obstetrics she was also titled as the second doctor to achieve academic success in the area throughout the South American continent.

The image, published by the platform, refers to the profession and the care of human body organs.

Rita Lobato Velho is honored in Google Doodle

Who was Rita Lobato Velho

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Rita was born prematurely on June 9, 1866.

Daughter of Rita Carolina Velho Lopes It is Francisco Lobato Lopes she had 13 siblings and lived in different neighborhoods due to the work of her father, a beef jerky merchant from Rio Grande do Sul.

At 9 years old, completed primary education , while harboring the dream of becoming a doctor. She also lived in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, where she studied medicine at Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) .

Over there, Rita completed six years of college in just four securing the diploma on December 10, 1887, at the age of 21, after defending his thesis “Parallel between the methods recommended in cesarean section”available to read online.

Throughout her career, she dedicated herself to serving women from different social classes, often without charging anything.

The doctor married Antônio Maria Amaro de Freitas, a law graduate, in Rio de Janeiro, 1889. Together, they had a daughter, Isis Lobato Freitas.

It is also worth mentioning that Rita was one of the activists of the feminist movement, participating in the triumph of Electoral Code of 1932 and the election of Carlota Pereira de Queirós for the National Congress in 1934.

During the last months of her life, Lobato was partially affected by a hearing and visual impairment . However, despite remaining lucid and active, died at age 87 on January 6, 1954.

Source: CNN Brasil

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