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RJ: body of dead doctor is found buried in the backyard; suspect was arrested

Doctor Glaubênia Serpa Costa, 53 years old, was found dead last Monday (4), with her body buried in her backyard. She lived in Rio das Ostras, in the Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro. The main suspect, the employee who worked for the victim, confessed to the crime and was arrested for hiding a body.

According to Emanuel Pereira, everything happened after an argument. Glaubênia suspected that the employee was stealing from her house and threatened to report it to the police. After confessing to the crime, the suspect showed the police where the doctor's body was and the weapon used in the crime, a knife.

The Civil Police began investigating the victim's disappearance in January of this year. During the investigations, the agents discovered that the employee pretended to be Glaubênia's brother and informed her friends, who had suspected her disappearance, that the doctor was suffering from depression and had decided to travel to Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha.

According to the police, Glaubênia was from Ceará and had no relatives in the region. She lived alone and was a recluse, which made Emanuel's action easier. According to investigations, the victim was killed in July last year.

However, her last social media posts were in December. In other words, the criminal continued making publications so as not to raise suspicions about the disappearance.

During this period, he also carried out bank transactions in Glaubênia's accounts. Just as he managed to transfer the doctor's car into his name. The victim's belongings were found at Emanuel's house, such as a bicycle, refrigerator, personal documents, cell phone and bank cards.

During his testimony, Emanuel said that he killed Glaubênia by suffocation. Then he would have stabbed the victim.

In addition to the arrest in the act for concealing a corpse, police chief Ronaldo Andrade Cavalcante, head of the Rio das Ostras police station (128th DP), asked the Court for the temporary arrest of the suspect for qualified homicide. He has already been taken to the prison system.

Before concluding the investigation, however, other people will still be interviewed, such as Emanuel's wife.

Source: CNN Brasil

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