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RJ is at risk of new flooding and landslides this Sunday, says civil defense

After a Saturday (20) in which people from Rio enjoyed partying in the city, already in the pre-Carnival atmosphere, the night was filled with flooding in several parts of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Images taken by CNN in the south of the city, they show residents the inconvenience. The streets turned into rivers. Those who needed to travel had a lot of difficulty, both by car and on foot.

Civil Defense warns of the risk of new occurrences of flooding, landslides and landslides in various parts of the state this Sunday (21).

According to the Rio City Hall Operations Center, the capital of Rio de Janeiro entered stage 3, out of a total of 5, at around 3am today due to heavy rain. This means that one or more events are impacting the city and there is certainty that there will be a high-impact event in the short term.

The city registered 31 pockets of water, seven floods and two landslides. Mayor Eduardo Paes was at the Operations Center this Sunday morning (21) and said, via social media, that the situation was not worse because the rain was quick.

“We had heavy rain in the morning that hit a large part of the city. The luck was that it was rain that passed through the places faster than we expected. However, some lakes became quite crowded. We paid close attention to the north area, (…) we had a lot of heavy rain around the Tijuca Massif, Jacarepaguá, the south area had a lot of heavy rain, the center too. So, it was a strong blow to the whole city”, said Paes, who asked the population not to travel during the storm.

It wasn't just the capital that suffered disruption because of the storm, according to the latest update from the Fire Department, at 7am on Sunday, around 30 rain-related calls were made across the State. Most of it refers to rescuing people, floods and flooding.

So far, there are no reports of new victims. But, in the last week, twelve deaths were confirmed. Two people remain missing. The operation has 2,400 soldiers.

Risk continues

According to Alerta Rio, the city's metrological monitoring system, this Sunday (21), weather conditions remain unstable in the city of Rio de Janeiro, due to the movement of a cold front across the ocean. The sky will be overcast, with moderate rain forecast throughout the day. Winds will be moderate, occasionally strong (up to 76 km/h) and temperatures will show a sharp decline, with a predicted minimum of 19°C and a maximum of 27°C.

For the state, in the morning there is a record of light to moderate rain in the Coastal Lowlands, in the Mountain and Northwest Regions. The meteorological panorama is cloudy to overcast, with moderate rain showers, in all regions, from the afternoon onwards. Winds will be moderate.

Therefore, Civil Defense maintains high alert for the possibility of very high hydrological risk. Other municipalities in Baixada Fluminense are in the same situation, such as Belford Roxo, Duque de Caxias, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Nova Iguaçu and São João de Meriti.

The State Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alert Center warns of a high risk in Niterói, Magé and Seropédica; in addition to Queimados, Paracambi and Petrópolis, which also have a high risk of landslides. Events of this type may occur in Duque de Caxias, Belford Roxo, Cachoeira de Macacu and Rio de Janeiro.

Source: CNN Brasil

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