RJ is the best evaluated state by ranking of LGBTI+ policies; rondonia is the worst

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A survey by the Athens Program pointed out that, in 2022, of the 27 state governments, 19 do not have a plan for the LGBTI+ population.

The ranking evaluated all states and the Federal District in several aspects, to bring a real balance of the public police in force.

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Rio de Janeiro was a positive highlight, with 19 units serving the population throughout its territory.

On the other hand, Rondônia is the worst state, both in terms of public policies and the lack of commitment to fighting discrimination.

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In an interview with CNN Radio on CNN No Plural, research coordinator Claudio Nascimento, director of the National LGBTI+ Alliance and president of Grupo Arco-Íris, highlighted the importance of the data.

“We took care that there was no political connotation with the data, we built logical evaluation indicators with objective metrics.”

Among the criteria are the matrix policies of each state, such as “management body, LGBTI+ state council and also plan and program to carry out actions and public policies for the community.”

In addition, sectoral policies were also raised, the “actions in health, education, work, security, culture, sport and leisure” for this public.

Another factor was the issue of Justice, with the models of each state to organize the defense and protection of LGBTI+ rights, with all the decrees and normative acts.

In Claudio Nascimento’s assessment, the fight against discrimination comes up against the lack of commitment from local governments.

“The revealing data is the need for a joint attitude by the federal government and states, we see a blackout in public policies aimed at improving the quality of life and citizenship of the LGBTI+ population.”

He points out that most states do not have all the necessary items, and 16 obtained the minimum score.

“This is very serious and it is necessary to have the political will to reverse it, to understand that the community is a citizen of rights and needs a public response at the height”, he added.

Rio de Janeiro, Mato Grosso do Sul, Espírito Santo, Distrito Federal and Ceará are the best in the ranking.

Rondônia, Roraima, Tocantins, Acre and Alagoas are the worst.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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