The author of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad spoke out in support of bitcoin and predicted the collapse of the American economy.

Robert Kiyosaki often reiterates that the American and global economies have tough times ahead. Therefore, an experienced investor encourages people to invest in precious metals and bitcoin in order to protect themselves from inflation and save their savings. This time referring to the collapse of several major US banks.

“The beginning of the crisis! The authorities are printing more and more fiat money to support the ailing economy. And I repeat my advice: buy gold, silver and bitcoins. Take care, there will be a hard landing soon. Two large banks have already gone bankrupt and a third is on the way. Buy real gold and silver coins, not ETFs! When the third bank collapses, gold and silver will skyrocket. Remember that in 2008 I predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers before it went bankrupt,” the writer said.

Earlier, Kiyosaki said that investors pay too little attention to silver, so this asset is significantly undervalued. Andy Schectman, president of the investment company Miles Franklin, agrees with him.

“I’ve been saying for years that holding cash and investing in even a well-diversified portfolio of bonds, stocks, mutual funds and ETFs is risky. Now it’s very risky. I believe that gold, silver and bitcoin are the best choice in unstable times, although the prices of these assets will also be volatile,” Kiyosaki warned.

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Back in September last year, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” said that global markets are ready to collapse and it is necessary to invest in cryptocurrencies.