Robert Pattinson is not happy with the videos circulating on TikTok

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Robert Pattinson appeared on you TikTok while taking part in viral trends and giving free parentheses of his daily life? Well… It’s not him! As misleading as it may be, this is yet another case of deepfakes: clips created thanks to artificial intelligence software starting from real content.

The technology behind this practice has refined so much that even those who know Robert Pattinson well in real life are confused.

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The actor of Twilight who, first of all, admits to finding these videos rather disturbing, said: “It’s scary the amount of people who know me really well and still ask me why I do weird dances on TikTok, it’s really bizarre”.

To the most attentive eyes, obviously, the fiction does not escape, however dangerously realistic and, despite the user’s name @unreal_robert is a valid indication, not everyone pauses to analyze in detail the contents that peep out on the home and one runs the risk of believing that it is really Pattinson preparing himself a snack while swaying in the kitchen or using a broom to simulate playing the trumpet.

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And if these results can be achieved with relatively innocuous trends, the perplexity is that more and more pornographic or defamatory deepfakes can be found to the detriment of the celebrity (or ordinary person) in the crosshairs at the time.

Pattinson expresses another hesitation and concerns the interference of deepfakes in cinema: «Do you realize that in two years they will be totally indistinguishable from reality and… what will I do for work then?».

You needn’t worry about that Robert – no fake digital double will ever beat the original!

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Source: Vanity Fair

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