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Rock in Rio: Brazilian artists promise to invade Sunset Stage with rhythm and poetry

A union of giants: this is what Rock in Rio promises for the Sunset Stage on September 3, the second of the event. The festival brought together strong names from the Brazilian pop scene, such as Papatinho, DJ and music producer; and L7nnon, rapper partner of Papatinho. Together, they have already released the hit “Perdition”.

The two met in Rio de Janeiro this Thursday (30th) with MC Hariel, one of the current names in São Paulo funk and trap, known for the album “Chora Agora, Ri Later”.

“To arrive at Rock in Rio is to win the World Cup. We will meet more often to plan the show better, but we guarantee that we will do our best. Each of us is representing a musical style. For all the artists who are not here this time, we are representing, this is the main objective”, stated Papatinho.

Hariel also expressed excitement about her debut on stage at Rock in Rio.

“We can promise that our presentation will bring a message that union, character and work make any difference to resemble each other, even though people have different experiences. The union will be more explicit than anything else”, added MC Hariel.

The artistic director of the stage, Zé Ricardo, also participated in the meeting, as well as Don Juan, PK’s guest, who plays at Espaço Favela on the same day.

“I expect for Sunset what I don’t know yet, what is spectacular. I hope I can keep up with that freshness. I have a lot of dreams. Dreams are not about an artist or a date. Dreams are about a proposal for humanity. So that I can bring more shows that make people think. When I put an Angolan transsexual like Titica and BaianaSystem, I put people to think about their prejudices, their fears… so I think that the Sunset Stage and Espaço Favela have this proposal”, said Zé Ricardo.

The pagode is one of the great novelties of Rock in Rio 2022. In addition to having the singer Ferrugem as an ambassador for Espaço Favela, the festival will have a female representative of the genre: Marvvila, who will perform at the space on September 9th. She was also at the meeting this Thursday.

“Incredible to have the pagode at Rock in Rio. It’s amazing to be able to be there representing the pagoda and women”, celebrated Marvvila.

Source: CNN Brasil

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