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Rock in Rio promises the biggest and most emblematic World Stage of all editions

Classified by the organizers as the “reunion event”, Rock in Rio (RIR) 2022 promises to surprise the public with news in this edition, starting with Palco Mundo, a space that will host the main presentations.

The structure created for the mega event will have a more imposing and even more modern look with almost 200 tons of steel, equivalent to the manufacture of 200 cars, which will be used in the scenography to receive great names of international and national music.

With a modular structure, more than 100 linear meters in width and height proportional to a 10-story building, the stage will be the biggest of the festival. So that the public does not miss any details of the shows, it will be 30 meters high and 104 meters wide – the largest structure ever built since the first edition, in 1985.

“Rock in Rio started 37 years ago, we made a commitment and we have a journey. Since 2006, we have been carbon neutral. We care about sustainability. In 2016, we launched “Amazônia live”, today there are almost 4 million trees planted in the Amazon”, highlighted Luis Justo, CEO of RIR.

Another novelty is that the stage will consist of steel plates with apparent perforations, which will be worked with scenic lighting.

The project is signed by the company Gerdau, which is the largest recycler of scrap metal in Latin America, which makes the company’s steel a product with a lower carbon intensity than the sector’s average. In addition to the environmental aspect, the recycling process includes thousands of cooperatives and people in its income generation chain.

“This partnership was born from a meeting between the largest steel producer in Brazil and the largest music event. There was no way this great meeting wouldn’t end on a stage. This partnership comes to celebrate life, themes that are so important and increasingly present in the day-to-day agenda”, said Gustavo Werneck, CEO of Gerdau.

“When we talk about the world, about sustainability, can you imagine if we couldn’t recycle steel? We recycled 11 million tons of scrap. There are 1 million people who live off recycling. We are an industrial company, centenary”, said Werneck.

The presentation of the Palco Mundo structure took place on the morning of this Friday (6th) and featured a “pocket show” by singer Ivete Sangalo, who will perform at the festival on September 11th.

“The history of Rock in Rio is intertwined with the history of my career. It’s Rock in Rio bringing joy and Gerdau making it happen on the biggest stage Brazil has ever seen. It’s music, art. I am very happy, very grateful”, celebrated Ivete.

Check out the attractions that will perform on the World Stage:

  • September 2nd: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Sepultura;
  • September 3: Post Malone, Jason Derulo, Marshmello and Alok;
  • September 4th: Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Migos and Iza;
  • September 8: Guns N’ Roses, Måneskin, The Offspring and CPM 22;
  • September 9: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Billy Idol and Capital Inicial;
  • September 10th: Coldplay, Camila Cabello, Bastille and Djavan;
  • September 11th: Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion, Rita Ora and Ivete Sangalo

Source: CNN Brasil

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