Rockefeller Center: owl stuck for three days in the Christmas tree


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The iconic Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center shopping complex concealed a small tenant. As they freed the huge conifer from its tarp, the installation team discovered a little owl, says the New York Post. The little owl was nestled in the thorns of the 23-meter tall colossus.

The animal would have spent three days without food or water, stuck in the tree, covered during transport. The wife of the worker who found the bird then contacted the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in New York City, a wildlife organization. She offered to join them halfway so that they take charge of the bird.

“Rockefeller” is in good shape

The little bird, an adult despite its size, was taken in by the center. They are the smallest breed of owls living in the United States. “We gave him fluids and we feed him all the mice we can. So far, everything is fine, his eyes are bright and seem relatively in good condition despite everything he has been through, ”says the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center on its Facebook page.

The little owl, whose sex is not yet known, has been named Rockefeller, as a nod to the place where she was rescued. When she has been examined by a doctor, she will be “released to continue her wild and wonderful adventure,” says the center.

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