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Roger Ver released on bail

Spanish authorities have released on bail Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” whose extradition is being sought by the United States, where he is accused of tax evasion.

According to Bloomberg, the bail amount was 150,000 euros ($163,000). The Spanish side accepted him on the condition that Ver would surrender his passport and remain in the country.

Vera was also ordered to attend the Spanish court every two days. Prosecutors tried to appeal his release, but their request was rejected.

The Bitcoin investor was arrested in late April after being accused of underpaying the IRS more than $48 million. Just days before his arrest, Ver published his new book, The Bitcoin Heist, in which he laid out his own version of the Bitcoin block size war that had been ongoing. from 2015 to 2017.

Wehr, who owned MemoryDealers.com Inc. and Agilestar.com Inc., began buying bitcoins for himself and his companies, advertising it in the public space, which is how he earned his nickname.

The IRS alleges that he “withheld information and made false statements to numerous advisors regarding the amount and value of Bitcoin that he owned and controlled, both personally and through his companies.”

Roger Ver’s lawyer, Jaime Campaner, said his client “is not a fugitive at all, as he is communicating with US authorities through his California lawyers.”

Therefore, he was aware of the investigation and, in my opinion, his arrest did not make sense,” Campaner said.

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