Rome Film Fest, Tim Burton and the rare appearance on the red carpet with his two sons

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At the center of the scene, studded with questions from journalists and fans of all ages, Tim Burton received al Rome Film Festival the Lifetime Achievement Award. 63-year-old Californian director and writer, internationally known for his dreamlike and gothic style influenced by the reading of Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton reached Rome in the company of his two children, Billy Ray, born in 2003, and Nell, born in 2007, had with Helena Bonham Carter, English actress and her life partner until 2014. Curiosity: the godfather of both sons is Johnny Depp, friend of Tim Burton, with whom he has worked in many successful films, starting with the now iconic Edward scissor hands (1990).

Tim Burton with his two children and the family dog ​​at the Rome Film Festival

Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis

The three made one rare appearance on the Roman red carpet, showing off dark outfits in perfect dark style a la Burton-Carter e proudly showing the beloved little dog Levi to photographers.

Burton has been for a few months busy with the making of the Wednesday series in collaboration with Netflix, dedicated to a character from the Addams family to whom the director says he is very fond of, namely his daughter Wednesday. In the meantime, it does what it has always done: keeps away from the Hollywood world, as an outsider as he has been defined over and over again.


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