Oscar-Winning Producer Ron Howard’s Net Worth

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Rising to fame as a child with his role in the sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show”, Ron Howard has stolen the hearts of millions of fans with his acting skills and his passion as a director. His work as an American actor, producer, and director has earned him a whopping net worth of $200 million as of 2020.

Ron Howard’s Background

Ronald William Howard was born on 1st March 1954, in Duncan, Oklahoma. The well-known actor comes from a wide variety of ancestry including German, English, Scottish, Irish, and Dutch. Ron’s parents themselves earned considerable popularity in the film industry. His mother, Jean Speegle Howard was an actress while his father, Rance Howard, was a director, actor, and writer. Rance was born with the surname “Beckenholdt” and had opted for the stage name “Howard” in 1948 for his acting career.

Siblings & Education

At the time when Ron was born, his father had been serving three years in the U.S. Air Force. Ron was the eldest son to the couple, followed by his younger sibling, Clint Howard. A year before Clint was born, the family decided to move to Hollywood, California, in 1958. They stayed there for around three years after which they moved to Burbank.

For his education, Ron went to John Burroughs High School and then joined the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Ron Howard’s Acting Career

Unlike most people, Ron didn’t have to work as hard. The floor had already been set by the presence of his parents in the industry. He made his first appearance just when he was five. His first role was in the 1959 film “The Journey”. He then made occasional appearances in the episodes of “The DuPont Show with June Allyson”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Dennis the Menace”, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”, and “The Cheyenne Show”.

Child & Teenage Roles

The following year, he got the role of “Opie Taylor” in the American sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show”. Howard was part of the show for all eight seasons where he played the son of the main character. The list of his roles as a child and teenager goes on and on. In 1962, he was cast in “The Music Man” followed by his role in “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” in 1963. The actor’s roles as a child lasted until 1973 and he was awarded to act in episodes of different series including “The Eleventh Hour”, “I Spy”, “The Smith Family”, “Daniel Boone”, and “The Bold Ones”.

Adult Roles

Ron Howard’s first appearance as an adult came in George Luca’s blockbuster movie “American Graffiti” in 1973. He played the character of “Steve Bolander” in the movie along with Richard Dreyfus. He then starred as “Richie Cunningham” in the TV series “Happy Days”. In 1976, he again became part of a movie, this time with John Wayne, in “The Shootist”.

The year 1986 marked Howard’s final appearance as an actor in the industry with his role in the television movie, “Return to Mayberry”. The movie was a reunion of “The Andy Griffith Show” where he once again played his popular role as “Opie Taylor”. In the subsequent years, Howard returned for two more TV reunions of “Happy Days” in 1992 and 2005.

Ron Howard’s Directing Career

Although Ron Howard had an extensive career as an actor, today he is more famously known for the numerous movies that he has directed over the years. The renowned producer started out by directing the low-budget “Grand Theft Auto” that was packed with humor and action. Howard got his big break in 1982 when he directed the comedy gem, “Night Shift” starring Micheal Keaton, Shelly Long, and Henry Winkler.

Throughout all the years, Howard has continued to direct multiple films which include “Splash”, “Cocoon”, “Willow”, “Parenthood”, “Backdraft”, “Apollo 13”, and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Another incredible story by the producer is 2001’s “A Beautiful Mind” for which he received the most appreciation. The movie won him Oscars for the Best Picture and Best Director.

He also directed the mystery thriller movies based on the author, Dan Brown’s books. These were directed as a part of the series, “Robert Langdon”. It includes three movies, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Angels & Demons”, and “Inferno”.

In 2017, Howard got the opportunity to officially direct the space fiction Star Wars prequel, “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. His recent movies include, “The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)”, “Pavarotti (2019)”, “Dads (2019)”, “Rebuilding Paradise (2020)”, and “Hillbilly Elegy (2020)”.

Ron Howard’s Children

The American actor married Cheryl Alley on June 7, 1975. Cheryl is now known as Cheryl Howard Crew and works as a writer. The couple has four children together, Bryce Dallas Howard, Reed Howard, Paige Howard, and Jocelyn Howard. The eldest daughter, Bryce, is now a known actress and director following in her father’s footsteps.

Ron Howard’s Net Worth

Owing to his vast acting and directing career, Ron Howard has earned himself a huge net worth of $200 million as of 2020.  Let’s dive deeper into the ways he earns and spends.


The 66-year old American has worked on a wide variety of movies over the years. According to Box Office Mojo, his highest-grossing movies include the following:

  • The Da Vinci Code – $758.2 million
  • Angels & Demons – $485.9 million
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story – $393.2 million
  • Apollo 13 – $355.2 million
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas – $345.1 million
  • A Beautiful Mind – $313.5 million
  • Ransom – $309.5 million
  • Inferno – $220 million
  • Backdraft – $152.4 million
  • Far And Away – $137.8 million

Although the exact figures that Howard earned from his movies are not disclosed, considering the amount the movies have earned, Howard must have received a considerable amount for them.

Imagine Entertainment

Ron Howard, along with American producer, Brian Grazer, founded Imagine Entertainment in 1986. The movies that the duo has produced, directed by Howard and produced by Grazer, have grossed over $15 billion.

An incubator program, Imagine Impact, was also formed by the company in 2018 with Tyler Mitchell as CEO. The company has built a team of 30,000 writers from more than 80 countries, leading to 72 projects out of which 25 have been launched by studio giants including Netflix, Sony, Amblin, Legendary, and Village Roadshow.

Sale of Assets

The filmmaker put his home located in Greenwich, Connecticut, on the market in 2014. The house sold in July for a grand $27.5 million. The home was a classic New England estate made up of six bedrooms, five full baths, and four partial baths. The Howards’ had owned the home for around 20 years.


Ron Howard has pocketed well-deserving fans for himself over the years. As he continues to produce more movies in the future, his net worth will grow even more owing to his exceptional creativity.


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