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Rosamund Pike: “In the Wheel of Time, women are finally in charge”

A medieval dystopian fantasy, halfway between the sagas de The Lord of the Rings e Darkness and Bones: to understand the style and tone of Lat the wheel of time some reference is needed and these are probably the closest. The history of the series – from 19 November on Amazon Prime Emptyor with the first three episodes – born from the 90 million copies literary saga, written by Robert Jordan with Brandon Sanderson. The protagonist, played by Rosamund Pike, and Moraine Damodred, a mysterious and feared figure also because of his powers. The world in which the events are set is a dangerous and dark place, on the edge of the abyss. Only the female universe is endowed with powers and a group of fearless adventurers set out to save him. In fact, it seems that the fate of humanity is in the hands of the mysterious Dragon Reborn, who can save or annihilate the future. Moiraine is part of Aes Sedai, an association with incredible characteristics, able to dominate even the elements. Together with her, a group of people sets out on a journey to understand how to bend the prophecy to Good. The word to Rosamund Pike.

The story begins with the voiceover announcing that the world is ruined, broken, damaged. Does she ever feel like this?
“Good heavens, ‘broken’ not yet, but it could happen often.”

The damage discussed in the series also concerns the ability to make oneself fragile to show one’s strength. Do you believe it?
“I am convinced that making yourself vulnerable requires an act of trust. And I want to trust people, learn to let go of control from time to time and create a safe space where I can expose myself freely. I’m not saying it’s easy, on the contrary, but when it happens it helps you to grow ».

Moiraine is a very powerful woman, like all those in history, who are definitely in charge in this world. What extraordinary ability would you like to possess?
“Flying wouldn’t be bad at all. Daniel Henney (who plays Lan) says actors should have the superpower to fall asleep anywhere given the sleep deprivation they suffer from crazy rhythms and I have to say he’s right. I like the idea of ​​being able to use one’s skills in the service of others, for example to heal those I love. It also happens in the series and it is an intimate process, capable of creating connection between people and I am grateful to stage it ».

Women are in power in the show. Who has had the biggest influence in your life?
“I don’t believe in the concept of emulation, imitation or inspiration. Certainly my human growth has been influenced by many people, but without ever wanting to follow their steps, if anything I have admired the qualities of others and tried to make good use of them. From an artistic point of view, for example, I have always looked to my mother, while on the human side I have always been fascinated by the personality of a grandmother ».

Did you use these ideas for Moiraine?
«Of course: she gives herself little, she opens up to others with great parsimony, she is selective and reveals almost nothing about herself, she doesn’t show off and doesn’t ask for attention. She is a woman of great depth and I admire her for this ».

Fantasy is often used as a metaphor to tell the modern world. Today, with an ongoing pandemic, fears are growing. How’s she doing these days?
«I always try to test my fears and in this period I put myself to the test particularly. The truth is, the older I get, the more things scare me. For example, I would not take some decisions made at the age of 20 unconsciously today for any reason “.

Can you give me an example where you’ve been feeling brave lately?
“I took a scuba diving course and I was terrified but I didn’t let fear stop me. It is precisely that state of mind that takes us to interesting and unexplored places… my favorites ».


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