Director of the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring Yuri Chikhanchin said that the agency recorded a twofold increase in the number of suspicious transactions with cryptocurrencies.

During a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chikhanchin said that most of the suspicious transactions with digital assets are related to drug trafficking, fraud and corruption. Also, quite often such transactions are used in schemes related to terrorism. At the same time, Chikhanchin admitted that the tracking system is not yet sufficiently debugged and regulated, but systematic work is being carried out in this direction.

“Thanks to the software product that you approved, we, together with VTB Bank, launched the so-called “Transparent Blockchain” – it allows us to still conduct investigations into cases related to cryptocurrency. Moreover, about 7,000 law enforcement officers and other interested departments are now connected to this transparent blockchain. And we have already connected six countries, that is, they also use it. This makes it possible to initiate criminal cases,” said the head of Rosfinmonitoring.

Earlier, Chikhankhin said that over the year the number of transactions with digital assets in Russia has tripled. And in July of this year, with the help of the Transparent Blockchain system, a contract murder was uncovered.