Roskachestvo clarified the dangers of Clubhouse


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Experts from the Roskachestvo Center for Digital Expertise checked the Clubhouse social network with an emphasis on voice communication, which has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years.

Roskachestvo clarified the dangers of Clubhouse

Based on the results of the mini-research, Roskachestvo drew attention to several potentially dangerous moments associated with the Clubhouse.

First, the application can only be installed after providing access to contacts. Basically, the user tells the developers what kind of people he is associated with and how they are associated with him.

Second, “semi-closed membership” attracts scammers. On Avito, “Yulia” and other sites, as well as in social networks and messengers, they began to offer to purchase invitations to the Clubhouse with a prepayment from a symbolic few hundred rubles to 15 thousand and even more.

Thirdly, the network is flooded with fake applications, ostensibly representing the long-awaited version of Clubhouse for smartphones on the Android operating system. Anything can be inside: for example, a mobile game, a project management application, or malware.

Fourthly, Clubhouse positions itself as a network in which it is forbidden to record conversations (there is no correspondence in the application). However, the service itself disregards its own rule: the privacy policy states that Clubhouse can record conversations in rooms and store them for a while. This is due to security considerations (anti-terrorism, hate speech or personal data disclosure).

Fifth, it is already known about a hacker attack, as a result of which the conversations of some users who were in a closed room were leaked to the Network.

Sixth, according to cybersecurity experts at the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), the developer directly uses the developments of the Chinese company Agora to transmit audio in real time. Traffic analysis showed that as of mid-February 2021, user data is transmitted in clear text to Chinese servers without encryption. It is unclear for what purpose and to what extent the Chinese company may use this data.


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