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Roskomnazdor blocked access to the OKX exchange

Roskomnazdor blocked access to the OKX exchange

On October 4, Roskomnadzor, at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, blocked access to the website of the OKX cryptocurrency exchange in Russia. This is confirmed monitoring data public organization “RosKomSvoboda”.

According to the registry entry, the trading platform is charged with violating the law on the dissemination of information.

Data: Roskomnadzor.

The head of RosKomSvoboda, Artem Kozlyuk, explained that the Prosecutor General’s Office has the right to issue requests to block Internet resources in three cases:

  • for distribution of extremist materials;
  • for the dissemination of fake and inaccurate information;
  • according to the order of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the recognition of a particular site as fraudulent.

“In this case, it is impossible to say exactly which basis is chosen. But, most likely, this happened by decision of the central bank. In the Russian Federation, cryptocurrencies are not legalized, so Russian government agencies and courts can make arbitrary decisions to block sites related to cryptocurrencies as disseminating illegal information,” said Artem Kozlyuk.

He also confirmed that he couldn’t access the exchange’s website without a VPN.

The administrators of the OKX community in Discord clarified that, for its part, the exchange did not impose restrictions on Russian users and continues to provide services to them in full.

“We do not recommend using a VPN when accessing OKX, as this will trigger our risk controls and may result in account suspension,” added a support representative for the exchange.

In the near future, the trading platform promises to release an official statement on the situation.

At the end of June, Roskomnadzor once again blocked Bits.media, a news portal about cryptocurrencies, due to a section with an exchanger aggregator. The editors temporarily disabled the page, after which the RKN allowed the hoster to restore the access of Russian providers to the site.

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