Round 6 at BBB23? Dynamic shows similarity between series and reality show

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Have you ever imagined “uniting” one of the most popular series on Netflix and the most famous reality show in the country?

On Tuesday night (24), the Big Brother Brazil 23 called the attention of viewers due to the similarities of the dynamics of the program with the series “Round 6 “, available on the streaming platform.

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Unlike the other editions, the BBB 23 does not have a fixed final prize.

Each week, players give their guesses on who should be the next eliminated from the program and, with each guess, the value increases.

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The novelty itself is already reminiscent of the Korean series: when a person dies in “Round 6“, a huge transparent “piggy bank” appears in the participants’ dormitory and more money starts to fall inside it – the final prize that accumulates with each death (or, in the case of the BBB, at every right guess).

However, during the activity this Tuesday (24th) carried out by one of the program’s sponsors, the similarities became even greater. If in the series the famous “piggy” is used to accumulate money, in the reality show a card machine was used.

Players Aline, Cristian and Tina were drawn to give their guesses on which of the pairs on the first wall would be eliminated. Everyone bet on Fred Nicácio and Marília and they were right. The “eliminated” duo is in a secret room and the public will decide who, between the two, should leave the dispute.

Thus, the final prize is already at BRL 1.6 million, the largest in the history of the reality show.

Netizens and celebrities commented on the similarities between the show’s activity and the Netflix series – thankfully, in real life, no one dies.

Among the brothers, the feeling was also of experiencing something similar to the series:

Source: CNN Brasil

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