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RS has a forecast of colder weather and rain in flooded areas; see what the weather is like

Amid the biggest flood in its history, Rio Grande do Sul is expected to record more rain between this Thursday (16) and Friday (17), which should also be accompanied by a new cold front.

According to MetSul Meteorologia, today's morning (16) in the capital Porto Alegre should be marked by temperatures ranging between 3°C and 6°C. In Aparados, Campanha and the border with Uruguay, the temperature can reach 0ºC.

The highlight is the instability that can cause rain, even with the sun coming out, in different regions during the day. In the period between the afternoon and evening, the rain is expected to remain, mainly in the areas of the Center and North of Rio Grande do Sul.

Metsul also shows that in sectors of the North and Northeast of Rio Grande do Sul the accumulated rainfall, between today and tomorrow, could reach 50 to 100 millimeters in several cities, especially in the Serra region.

Weather on Friday (17)

In regions such as the West and South of the state, the weather remains firm this Friday (17). In the Northern Half, the instability of temperatures stands out and the day can be marked with moderate to heavy rain.

According to MetSul, the accumulations should cause a new increase — of a smaller proportion — in rivers with sources in the Serra, but a second peak in flood will not be as significant as the one at the beginning of this week. According to the forecast, the biggest concern at the moment is related to the risk of landslides in the mountains, as the soil remains saturated and unstable.

Despite the return of rain, the cold air mass will be less strong in the following days in Rio Grande do Sul. This Wednesday (15), the state recorded the coldest dawn of the year so far, with a temperature of 0ºC in the interior gaucho.

(*Under the supervision of Carolina Figueiredo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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