Rules that will help you to better wear your wedding veil

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The bouquet is a very important element at weddings, but so is the bride’s veil. This accessory gives you a plus to any hairstyle, as well as the wedding dress, but beyond that it is said to protect her from bad omens during her marriage and to repel the “evil eye” caused by other women when they see her walking down the aisle.

If you decide to use it during your special day, it is important that you know these rules, so you will get the most out of it and learn which one is best with your type of dress and hairstyle.

The veil is the most important accessory of the bride

In addition to protecting you, as tradition says, it helps to complement the dress and highlight both the hairstyle and your face, because it frames it. But before wearing it and looking like a princess, you first have to know the different ways it is used.

You have to choose the one that best suits you

Woman wearing a French style veil

  • Cathedral veil: It is the most traditional and is usually worn by brides who celebrate their wedding in large churches or cathedrals. This is one of the longest veils, as it can measure up to two meters, and it is always made of delicate fabric.
  • Chapel veil: It is the favorite of the brides. Although the type of fabric is very similar to the previous one, the only difference is the length. This one is perfect for women with a round face because it helps their features look sharper.
  • Mantilla veil: It is one of the shortest and is placed from the top of the head to just below the elbows. This style of veil leaves the face clear. It simulates being a cloak that covers women’s hair and is almost always used in tulle or lace.
  • French veil: It is a very short veil that is fastened at the front of the head. It is generally accompanied by a headdress that gives it a more sophisticated and seductive air.

Bride wearing a veil with small details at the end

  • Short Veil or Blusher: This veil falls to the shoulders, so it is recommended that it be worn with dresses with a low neckline.
  • Pirate veil: This veil has its origin in the 20s and it is, as its name says, a headdress that is fastened like a pirate scarf. Circle the entire head and drop the rest down the back. This one is ideal for brides with a flair boho O vintage.
  • Whores Elbow Veil: This has a length that goes from the middle of the head to the elbows. It is generally not advised for long-faced or high-eared brides to wear it because it will make their face look bigger.
  • Font type: This is one of the most romantic, since it covers the face until the bride reaches the altar and her partner discovers her. It has an uneven shape, since it is longer at the back and shorter at the front, but once you get up and settle in, it is a kind of waterfall.
  • Sewn to sleeves: This is a more innovative model that started only recently. It is usually attached to the sleeves of the dress or in a kind of cape.

It must be the same color and texture as the dress

Girl wearing a matching lace dress and veil

There are different types of textures, from lace to tulle and lace, but you have to choose the one that best suits the dress. You can wear one with lace or rhinestone details.

You have to consider whether you wear it all the time or take it apart

Girl wearing a wedding dress with a long smooth matching veil

If you want to have the veil throughout the party, just make sure you hold it tight so you don’t suffer if it slips. For this, a low and slightly hidden collection is ideal. If you want to disassemble it, then a high hairstyle is ideal, as this will make it look more.

It should complement the dress, not overshadow it

Bride wearing a large pirate veil

Remember that it should not be more striking than the dress or the bride, but that both must complement each other in order to stand out in harmony. You should also choose only one or two accessories. In addition, it should not be loaded with ornaments, since sober veils are much more beautiful.

Choosing the hairstyle in advance is important

Bride wearing a low-cut dress with a plain veil

This will influence where you are going to place the veil, so you should visit your stylist in advance and talk about how it would look better.

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