Rumor: due to a shortage of chips, the production of MacBook and iPad was postponed, and some orders were postponed

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As it became known to the Nikkei, Apple also did not escape the consequences of the global shortage of semiconductor components. The latest publication claims that the production of some MacBook and iPad models has been postponed, and the company has postponed part of the orders for components to the second half of 2021.

Chip shortages are reported to have led to delays at a key stage in MacBook production, when certain components are installed on circuit boards prior to assembly. Meanwhile, the delay in the release of the iPad appears to be due to a shortage of displays and their components. Bloomberg reported earlier this week that a limited number of display driver chips have become a bottleneck across the tech industry.

Due to delays in the supply of certain components, Apple has pushed back orders for two of its devices from the first half to the second half of this year, sources said. Experts say this is a sign that semiconductor shortages are becoming an increasingly serious problem and could affect smaller players in the market.

The Nikkei story did not say which MacBook or iPad models were “hit” by the lack of components, or whether the delayed production would affect existing and upcoming Apple devices. The company is expected to launch new iPad Pro models this year, as well as continue to move to its own processors in the Mac lineup. IPhone production is on schedule, sources say, although component supplies are fairly limited. Despite the existing problems, the shortage of semiconductors has not yet affected the availability of Apple products.

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