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Russia accuses US of spying on Apple iPhones

THE Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) announced the unveiling of a plan of hers US National Security Agency (NSA) to penetrate into Apple phones by using one of hitherto unknown malware.

According to the Russian intelligence services, thousands of Apple phones (iPhones), including many Russian ones, have been infected with the specific malware used by the Russian intelligence services. USA.

Based on data gathered by the FSB, the NSA had targeted phones belonging to foreign diplomats based in Russiabut also in countries of the former Soviet Union, which are now members of NATO, as well as Israel, Syria and China.

Neither does Apple nor the NSA have yet to respond to requests for comment, while as announced by the Russian intelligence service, the leaked plan reveals the close relationship between Apple and the NSA. Surprisingly, as Reuters notes, the FSB gave credit for uncovering the plot to the Federal Guard Service, responsible for the security of the Russian leadership.

Source: News Beast

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