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Russia against West for ‘silence’ after Ukrainian attack on Belgorod

The Kremlin denounced the absence of criticism from the international community after the Ukrainian strikes in Russia’s Belgorod regionon the border with Ukrainewhere the Russia stated that he repelled a major attack.

“The international community has every opportunity to see the images, to read articles describing the strikes on residential buildings, social infrastructure, etc.,” said the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskovaccording to the Athens Agency.

“And still not a single word that would criticize or condemn the Kiev regime for this”he said, assuring that this attack will have “no effect” on its conduct Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

Russia’s military said it mobilized its air force and artillery to repel a Ukrainian offensive against the border region of Belgorod, which has seen heavy shelling in recent days and forced many residents to flee their homes. Eleven people were injured, according to local authorities.

Peskov stressed that Vladimir Putin is “constantly” receiving information from the security services and local authorities and that the president is “actively” involved in providing assistance to civilians fleeing the fighting.

It is recalled that on Tuesday, Moscow hit by drone attack. Reacting to this attack, a representative of the American diplomacy had assured that Washington does not support “attacks inside Russia” and focuses on providing Kiev with weapons and training.

Source: News Beast

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