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Russia blames US for Ukrainian attack in Crimea and promises response

Russia has blamed the United States for being behind what it said was a Ukrainian attack with American missiles in Crimea.

The action killed at least five people, including three children, and injured 124 more, according to Russian authorities.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that US experts defined the missiles’ flight coordinates based on information from American spy satellites, meaning the country was directly responsible for the attack.

“Responsibility for the deliberate missile attack on the civilians of Sevastopol lies above all with Washington, which supplied these weapons to Ukraine, and the Kiev regime, from whose territory this attack was carried out,” the ministry said.

Neither Ukraine nor the United States have commented on the attack.

Russia promises response

Russia promised a response to Sunday’s attack, the Defense Ministry said, without giving further details. The Kremlin stressed that President Vladimir Putin has been “in constant contact with the military” since the offensive on Sevastopol.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and now views the Black Sea peninsula as an integral part of its territory, although most of the world still considers it part of Ukraine.

*with information from Reuters

Source: CNN Brasil

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