Russia: Calls on the EU to look at the situation in Ukraine objectively

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia call her European Union to re-read carefully its resolution 2202 UN Security Council since 2015, which approved the package of measures of its agreement Minsk welcomed the declaration of the leaders of the “Normandy faction” (s.s. presidents of France, Russia and the chancellor of Germany), but also to examine objectively the situation in Ukraine, said its official spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

According to the statement, posted on Monday night (29/11) on the website of the Russian FOREIGN MINISTER, the Mary Sugar he also called her EU “To refrain from steps and statements that undermine the process of peaceful political settlement of this internal Ukrainian conflict mediated by Russia, Germany, France and the OSCE” and argued that the EU was “politically biased in its support of the Kiev “turning a blind eye to its reluctance to implement the ‘Minsk network of measures’, to the violation of the legal rights and interests of the non-Ukrainian-speaking population of the country.”

Russia’s envoy calls for “false position” and “alteration of Minsk agreements” adopted at last summit EU-Ukraine on October 12 at Kiev, that is, “Russia is not a mediator, but a party to the conflict” and maintains that the decree of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, for the provision of humanitarian aid and trade facilitation with the Ukrainian region of Donbass “In no way contradicts the Minsk agreements, contrary to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, as well as the EU, which instead of humanitarian aid intends to send direct military support to the Kiev government.”

Earlier, the head of the Russian External Espionage Service, Sergei Naryshkin, denied statements about its impending military operation Russia against Of Ukraine, saying that “I have to reassure everyone, there will be nothing like this” and described as “puppets” relevant publications in the American media with his statements on Russian state television.

“All of this is a malicious propaganda by the US State Department. The US State Department feeds on this fake material, these lies and its allies and the heads of the media and the US political science centers, in order to reproduce and propagate this lie and around this issue they have created quite a large bubble “, said the high-ranking representative of the Russian leadership.

“We must, of course, maintain our composure and strengthen our country’s defense capacity,” he told Russia-1. Sergei Naryshkin, claiming that the purpose of the moving scenarios of Russian invasion of Ukraine “It is an attempt to push the Kiev government with new force to ignite the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.”

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