Russia claims full control of Lysychansk oil refinery, Ukraine denies

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The Russian siege continued on the eastern city of Lysychansk, and Russian troops “completely took control of the oil refinery,” Vitaliy Kiselev, assistant minister of the interior of the Russian-backed self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic (RPL), announced to the vehicle. Zvezda.

“Today, our troops have completely taken over the refinery, cleanup is underway. Our divisions have already entered almost beyond the refinery. In other words, we control part of the city on the refinery side. Likewise, we have units that entered from the east side, crossed the Siverskyi Donets River and collided with residential buildings. And we have exactly the same situation, even better, after we took Vovchoiarivka, our units got even closer. And on the Toshkivka side, we collided with the residential areas. We control Lysychansk from almost all sides, something like 50%,” said Kiselev.

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Meanwhile, Ukraine says Russia is still carrying out assault operations in the area of ​​the Lysychansk oil refinery and “has a partial success, and holds the northwest and southeast parts of the plant,” according to a Thursday night update. thursday (30) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The enemy carried out assault operations in the areas of the northeast part of the Lysychansk refinery, the Topolivka settlement and the northern part of the Vovchoiarivka and Maloriazantseve settlements,” the Ukrainian Armed Forces statement said. “[Rússia] is partially successful. Maintains the fire control section of the Topolivka-Lysychansk road. Unable to withstand fire from our artillery, missiles and air units, the Russian occupiers left Cobra Island. Thus, the Odesa region was completely liberated.”

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Serhiy Hayday, head of the military administration for the Luhansk region, said late on Thursday that Lysychansk was an “extremely difficult situation”.

“The bombing comes from many directions. Because the Russian army approached Lysychansk from different directions. As usual, they reported that they controlled half the city. Is not true. But the bombing is very powerful. They are even deliberately shooting at our humanitarian centers. There are people injured. We now advise people to stay constantly in shelters. Evacuation is not possible. This is extremely dangerous. They equip the access roads with anti-tank mines. There are Russians around. There are no fights inside the city,” Hayday said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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